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¥2,160 税込


V.A. ” …OUT OF THIS WORLD vol.5 ” 2014/10/08 発売 2,160円 SURCD-014 DISC-01 1.THE FOREVER YOUNG /トワイライト 2.St.ELMO’S FIRE / MY EYES ARE BLIND 3.Dizzy Sunfist / YOUR CHOICE 4.COUNTRY YARD / Step Up,Stand Up 5.PALM / Useless 6.SWANKY DANK / HERO 7.THE NO EAR / WEEKENDER 8.MEAT BUNS / milk rape 9.THE WORLD PEACE / Peace 10.海ノ奏(海北大輔 from LOST IN TIME×小田和奏 ex. No Regret Life) / かなで 11.INFOG / to myself 12.THINK AGAIN / WAR(N)ING 13.Qomolangma Tomato / かなしみ射抜こう 14.THRH / B2 15.NO HITTER / It’s not that I can’t sleep,I just don’t want to DICS-02 1.SNATCH / OUT OF THIS WORLD 2.THE SENSATIONS / I DON’T BELIEVE IN YOU 3.CROW DRAGON TEA / 音楽が武器というお前に 4.FREEKICK / RYTHEM BOX 5.LABRET / 夜は鎹 6.SABANNAMAN / to fun to enjoy 7.Mrs.WiENER / Pretty Pretty 8.TRADITIONAL BOX / ピエロ 9.ORANGE POST REASON / クラシック 10.YELE SAMA aka 似非クトリックサマー / 中途半端でもいい、たくましく育て! 11.REAL SHOCKS MATTER / NEGATIVE FEELINGS 12.東狂アルゴリズム / キセキだぜ 13.Re:Turn / letter 14.GIVE LIFE / Iller Than Now 15.HONEY SUGAR MILK CHOCOLATES / The Song About Jeremy Bentham 16.BACKDATE NOVEMBER / Song of Nostalgia